Monday, March 23, 2015

First Sleepover with Levi and Liam...

When Uncle Zack and Aunt 'Manda asked if  Levi and Liam could spend the night with us, Grandma wondered if I would misbehave.  Grandpa didn't seem very concerned. 

He never does.

So a slumber party happened!

After a little while of jumping and chasing and squealing, we all settled down.  Grandma kept telling me that I was a good girl.  And I was!  I didn't scratch or nip anyone. 

Even when Liam laid his head on my side for a short rest, I didn't move.  Not even a lick!

After we put on our jammies we watched TV...

And did this ...

I watched the boys play some more...

Liam read to us...

And we just sorta hung out...

I was ready to go to sleep before Levi and Liam were.  They were so wiggly that I finally gave up sleeping on the couch and got into my own bed.

(Grandma apologizes for the poor quality of the photos.  She hasn't learned how to adjust the settings on her camera yet.)


  1. These picture are adorable!! I am sure that all three had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa's! (Sounds like Grandpa was right. But don't you hate that?) ;)

    1. I do hate that but I'm learning to trust that, too, so it is okay! haha

  2. Well done. And, the pictures are good.

    1. Thank you, Aunt Betty. The pictures seem a little dark and blurry to me. But the cute factor does shine through! :-)