Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello, Halo!...

When I came to live with the grandparents I left behind my dog friends Odin and Riversong.  And since playing with other dogs is important work for puppies, Mom said I needed to make new friends. 

I wasn't going to be friends with Grandma and Grandpa's dogs ("We Can't Be Friends" HERE).

So what's a sturdy, powerful gal to do?

Find an even sturdier, more powerful pal, that's what! 

Grandma's friend, Christy, has a dog that is just perfect for me!  Her name is Halo. 

Halo is a pit bull/lab/husky mix and is about 6 months older than I am.  And she has better play manners than I do! 

Things started out really well.  We met outside on Halo's deck using the traditional dog greeting...

I pretended to be submissive, but I was really just afraid...

And then I started getting a little rowdy...

Halo is smart enough to know what is strong dog play and what is aggression, so she let me get away with my shenanigans. 

We went inside where we continued our romping.  Halo was very interested in my incision from where I had been spayed.  Her Mom is taking her to be spayed soon so she wanted to know what to expect, I guess.

It didn't take long for me to get a little out of hand.  Halo snapped me back into place with a sharp bark and a swift nip.  I calmed right down and really felt much better for it.

We moved to another room but thought it best to be calmer now.  Halo was a good hostess and shared her bone.  I sure hope she wasn't wanting it back because, well, I ate it.

Eventually she found another bone and we chewed together just like we were longtime friends...

Thanks for the play date, Halo!  I sure hope we can do it again real soon!!

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